Sunday, June 22, 2014

I went and did it again.

Last night Bill somehow convinced me to go for a ride on the back of his new motorcycle.  We went out to dinner.  He took me on a quick ride around the neighborhood to make sure I could handle it.  I had to practice some deep breathing exercises and my back muscles were still tense.
He convinced me to go back out again today.  I wanted to take some knitting so I could take pictures of it to make it seem like it fit in more if I posted about it here, but he wanted me to try it without the backpack.

Our first stop was at this little park/monument on a small island. I thought it looked kind of like he wanted to give you a high-five, though I don't know anyone tall enough to reach.

From the road you could also see the really cool looking church that is on the upper left of this picture.  I also liked the clock tower and that bridge going over the Potomac River.

This tree has a kind of funny story to go with it.  This is the first picture Bill ever sent me after he got his first motorcycle and went out riding with it.  In the text he said "wish you could be here" and now I have finally gotten to go out there.

After all the fun we stopped at Milwaukee Frozen Custard, pistachio was the flavor of the day.
On the ride I both discovered a very uncomfortable way to sit, and how to fix it.  When I was first getting on I was centering myself while the bike was still tilted a little.  This caused me to be off center while we were riding and for my knee to start hurting.  Once I fixed that it was a lot better.  I have also started holding on to the side bar when we are stopping so I don't feel like I am just running in to him with no way to stop.

I promise there has been progress on projects.  It's way too dark to get any pictures tonight, but I promise you will get some.

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