Saturday, August 27, 2016

Ellies hats

  My mom and I were heading to Knit Night on Monday and I saw a bumper sticker for Ellie's Hats.  I think it is cool that hey have a drop-off spot near my house.  They even said that the location will take boxes that have not been sent through the mail.

  I also had the best conversation with my husband the other day:
Bill: "Hi?"
Me: "Hi."
Bill: "What are you doing here?"
Me: "I live here."
Bill: "Really?"
Me: "What are you doing here?"
Bill: "I think I'm sleeping."
He sounded so hopefully excited when I told him that I lived there.

  Another thing is that I'm taking motorcycle classes this weekend.  I got though Day 1 with only one dramatic thing.  One of the people who was in front of me slowed down more than I was expecting and I didn't know how to brake quickly while being worried.  I didn't want to go around her since we had been told not to pass each other.  Though they probably meant to not lap each other, it just stuck in my brain that I didn't want to go around her.  This caused me to try and stop shorter than the bike wanted to and we went down.  Now my pants are designer (has a hole) and my one boot looks really tough (trying to not be upset that it got all scuffed).  I did have fun telling people that I was trying out to be a stunt double.
  While I have learned pretty much all I had set out to learn when I thought of taking the class, I'm stubborn and want to see it to the end.  I mean, part of me that is really tired and grumpy and who doesn't want to go out in a hot parking lot to try new things for another day doesn't want to, but the part of me that I will be once I get some sleep says that I would feel sad if I didn't give it a try.
  I'm also really glad that I didn't bring anything with me to try and work on.  My brain is fried enough with just all the new motorcycle skills and being in the heat I know I would have messed it all up and had to try those rows again anyway.

  I don't have a picture of it, but the Spectra I'm back to working on has gotten into the red in the center triangles.  I will try and remember to take pictures on Monday if I don't sleep through the whole day.

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