Monday, September 5, 2016


  I know it has been over a week since you heard about how my class was going, but..... I passed the class!  This means that I have all the knowledge I need to ride a motorcycle around an empty parking lot and side streets that aren't heavily traveled.  I know some people might have the confidence to go out and start down small streets and be ready for big ones before too long, I know that won't be me.
  It took me a really long time to get confident enough to drive a car on a real street and not in empty parking lots and empty neighborhood streets.  We have been looking at little used bikes.  There is also a possibility that I might be getting the bike that one of my friends is currently using.  Will I ever practice enough to get comfortable enough to go on anything bigger than is needed to do a small grocery run?  Who knows.  There is something cool about showing up to knitting on a motorcycle though.
  We did all have a good time though.  There were usually two lines of something running at once so both coaches could watch you and you could get the most run times out of each exercise.  We had a running joke where someone in one of the lines would honk their horn and someone else would say "I know, this traffic!"  It was really sad when one of the people I was closest to didn't make it through to taking the paper test.  I really hope she tries again.  You can do it Vita!

  Here is the progress picture that I had promised that I would take.  It is pretty close to the colors you see in person, but my phone wanted to make the colors a lot brighter.  I'm not sure how long I intend on making the scarf, but I also have a feeling that I might get bored with it and put it aside a few more times before it is done.
  I'm also trying to decide if the shawl I want to design will be a circle shawl or half circle.  The center pattern I want to use might not work for a half circle.

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