Monday, August 1, 2016

Another one is leaving!

  So back when we heard that Aylin's Woolgatherer was closing the yarn shop part of her shop there was some misinformation and some people thought that  Uniquities was closing.  Well, it wasn't that long ago that this happened and now it seems that Uniquities really is closing.  We were supposed to have our last K&CC meeting there last Saturday, but the space we use was needed to help organize the stock for even easier access.
  It just seems so strange that so many local yarn shops are closing.  This will make it harder for people to find places to take yarn they don't want.  Not everyone who donates likes using yarn themselves and will know to keep trying shops.  Hopefully Fibre Space and Nature's Yarn don't plan on going anywhere.

  Funny thing about those is that because of the future yarn sale prices I will have some difficulties.  Bill has been frustrated because I'm not very good at being motivated to clean and organize, and I am also kind of annoyed with me.  I have decided that I shouldn't really buy a lot of things unless I need it for a project.  I hope that over time this will help me to decrease how much I have and that it will make it less daunting.
  I'm also thinking of applying that idea to my other items too.  I have been watching some daily vlogs by some people who are trying to live their life more minimally.  I'm going to have to force myself to, but I know I need to donate some of my cloths that I will never use again.  It will be hard because most of the extra things I held on to have been things I really liked before and I'm worried that maybe no one will buy it and they will just get thrown out.
  I also plan on going through some of the bags of yarn and beads and pulling things I know I won't actually use and bring it to donate to a K&CC meeting.  Some friends might also be getting some of the crafting items.

  Now I am off to go see if I can find some white ruffle yarn.  I'm pretty sure I got some from Mary, but I don't know where I put it.  Wish me luck!

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