Sunday, August 21, 2016

A New Place to Knit

  Since we were losing Uniquities some of the ladies were looking into another place we could go to.  Wegmans is nice and all, but going to the same place every Saturday would get old before too long.  Some of them heard that there was a small group of ladies that met at a church on the second Saturday of every month.  Two of us went to go check it out and reported back that it was really nice. 
  The ladies were so nice and one even made cookies that looked like tiny pancakes.

  One of the ladies who meets at the church is blind.  She knits completely by feel.  If it were me, stockinette would be the hardest thing I would be able to try and pull off, but she does patterns and different stitches.  She is super cool.

  Another thing that was pretty cool is that the ladies who went to the church would bless the finished items before they were going to be distributed.  I think that is really sweet of them.

  This weekend I also went to one of my friend's weddings.  It was great and I will try and get pictures up for everyone before too long.

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