Saturday, March 19, 2016

Almost my Birthday!

 My birthday is on Sunday and usually I know where I want to go, but this year I was having some problems.  I then thought it would be a lot of fun to try somewhere new and remembered where I used to love to go. I talked about it in my old post Buffets Everywhere.

  In this picture you can also see that Super Buffet has also changed names, though a peak in the window shows that their food hasn't changed.
  You can see in this picture that AnnanGol isn't opened.  Their sign says they should be, but I didn't see anyone inside and the doors were locked.  I hope they aren't closed forever.  Guess I will have to pick somewhere else.

   I am still working on things, I swear.  I took this picture after realizing that I missed how to do row 40 on these mitts.  I noticed after I had done another 6 rows on top of it.  I was putting off having to rip back, so I took a picture of my stuff at the waiting room while my car was getting serviced.
  I got all the rows taken out and started back in the right direction before my car was done.

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