Saturday, March 12, 2016

Kitties are live!


  I feel kind of bad since I was so excited to get these done and then I didn't finish them in a very timely manner.  The January Kitties Fur a Cause are now listed in my Etsy shop.  I know I have a secondary Etsy shop I made just for selling things to raise money for charity, but it has been inactive for so long that I don't know if anyone would notice them or not.
  I'm also thinking of having more fun, but not distracting colors for background when I take photos.  So many on my Etsy shop have plain white backgrounds and I feel they are so much more boring than some of the other shops I browse.
  I am also not going to list all three months at once.  I have read many times that really successful Etsy sellers list a few things at a time instead of everything all at once.  It gets your items listed in the "new" area more often and some new people might see your things for the first time.
  Let's hope lots of people get to see these cuties.

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