Wednesday, March 30, 2016


  I know there are a lot of things that are fads and people go on and on about them until they become more hyped-up than they should be.  Most of those are about drinks or meal replacements that will help you become thinner faster than anything else ever could.  I have been hearing more and more about people drinking rose water.  That is pretty much a tea made with rose petals.  I was starting to do some research on if any of the claims are true about the benefits when I found this article.  Soma and Juice Served here are putting their efforts into their own Rose Water that also helps a worthy cause.  I wish I lived closer to the L.A. area and could get some in store.

   I also finished the first in the set of fingerless mitts that I'm testing the pattern for.  They are not done in the picture, but I finished them soon after I took it.

   Knitters and Crocheters Care used to meet here at Uniquities every 4th Saturday of the month in the classroom space above the shop.  Then the price of the extra room started to outweigh how useful it was so they let it go.  It has now turned into The Heartfelt Craft Shop which seems like a really cool idea.  I hope they stick around for a while.
  I still need to find buttons for the baby surprise jacket.

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