Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Winter Wonder Land!

  They said that we were going to have a lot of snow, and that is exactly what happened.

  I took this one from my window on Saturday night.  It snowed most of both Friday and Saturday.  I didn't measure it, but I believe it was close to three feet of snow.  That lump to the right is my car.  I just love how the lights look when they are reflected off of the snow.

  You can see one of the three poodle-legs Mr. Jag has.  I thought they would make use of the shaved leg he already had, but then I saw he had two more when we got back from the swanky vet visit.  He seems to be feeling okay for the most part.  He is eating and drinking from his new kitty fountain.
  You can see in the picture that we are starting a hat.  You can also see the baby surprise sweater.  I have that one off of the needles and seamed.  All it needs are buttons.
  The hat will go with the hat knit-a-long that someone else started.  I like hats, so it will be fun.  I am having to change the pattern a little because the yarn doesn't match what the pattern says to use at all.  This always makes me nervous when I have a limited amount of yarn since I can't check to see if I have enough before I start.  Fingers crossed everyone!

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