Monday, January 18, 2016

Kitties Fur a Cause.

  I have been feeling like I have been neglecting my graphic design skills.  I have also wanted to be able to have something limited edition to put on my Etsy shop.  One night I thought of what I wanted to do.
  I had the idea to make some cute kitties in different colors.  I didn't know how to make them special until I thought I would combine it with what I do on this blog.

  Here is the preview of the one I am making for January.  It is cervical cancer colors of teal and white.  I know January is more than half over, but I plan on leaving any given month listed until they sell out.
  I am using Awareness Depot to see what charity goes with what month.  Some months have many causes, but I plan on just making a new design if I have to repeat over time.

  In Mr. Jag news: he got a glucose curve done today.  I also unpacked his kitty fountain today to surprise him once he got home.  Other news I got was to stop giving him insulin until further notice.  The last time he had any was on Monday night and the vet said his levels have all been super perfect today.

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