Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mr. Jag needs some good vibes.

  So we were getting the skin problem under control when another popped up.  He had been eating less, but I thought that was because the anti-fungal medication, but he was eating less than I thought he was.  He had a really scary episode with too much insulin and not enough blood sugar on Monday night into Tuesday morning.  It was so bad he has seizures.
  I then rushed him to the emergency vet.  They started pumping him full of sugar.  They also wanted to check to make sure there was nothing else wrong.  They found some masses in his abdomen and also near his lungs.  I gave the okay to have samples of those taken to see what they might be.  For all we know, those might have been there for a while.
  He came home last night and was still recovering from the sedative they gave him for taking samples.  He was in bed with me for a while last night but then was hiding in the morning.  I tried giving him some treats and he wasn't very interested.  I also gave him some squirts of water.
  I called my local vet and she said to try and get him to eat more and as long as he just seemed sleepy from the pain meds that I don't have to panic.  So instead of just giving him the "okay" treats  I went to the store and got him his favorite treats.  His favorite treats are the Temptations Chicken tartar control.  He has eaten a whole hand full of them since I brought them home and he has come out from under the extra desk.

  Here he is with that full tummy.  You can see where they shaved to put the sugar IV in.  We won't hear back about the samples until tomorrow or the next day.
  He needs some good vibes sent to him so he can feel better and go back to annoying Bill.

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