Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I started something.

  I got all the knitting done on the secret project, I just need to get it blocked and find some buttons for it.  I've also finished either 2 out of 3 repeats or 2 out of 4 repeats on a cowl I'm making using the strawberry lace stitch pattern from the shrug I made.

  My mom found a "new" place for us to eat.  We got out of the 'monsoon' and into a cute cafe.  The funny thing is that I had eaten at that place before, but not exactly.  Over a year ago someone told me they remembered a bead shop being in a shopping center not far from my house.  Well, I drove and walked around the small strip mall for over an hr before giving up on it.
  Since I was there so long I went and ate at a little cafe that was off to one side in the shopping center.  It was really good and the owner was super nice.  He pushed the table closer to the couch when I was having problems doing it on my own.  I went back later since I remembered all the good things about that place but it wasn't there anymore.  I didn't remember the name, only the place where it was.
  Turns out they didn't close, they moved.  Now they are a lot more noticeable and their menu is even a lot bigger.  I'm so glad Fresh & Organic Cafe didn't go out of business.

  As my mom and I were leaving she was complaining that there was so much rain and no rainbows.  She got one, well, a nubbin of a rainbow.  It is to the left in the larger part of the light area in the picture.

  Here is something I am really excited for though.  I finally got an e-mail back about the make-up bags.  I have a very positive go-ahead.  Since I have gotten that I have started a GoFundMe for the bags.  While I would love to ask for some donations, I would just love some shares to get the word out.

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