Sunday, July 12, 2015

And I smell nice too.

I have been trying to find a new perfume for a while now.  There are a few I like, but the problem for me is the price tag.  They cost a lot of money for some scents mixed with water and alcohol.  I think I have found a good solution for everyone.

  I never noticed before that little blurb on the box.  That's probably because I have just dealt with the test rollers.  If you try them in stores, I will warn you, the alcohol smell right out of the roller is really strong.  It doesn't last long on the skin and you will get to enjoy the real scent very soon after putting it on.
  I got mine from Ulta where they seem to be on clearance, so if you want some from a store go and get them now.  You can also order them online with no problems.  I got most of mine in the Honey Nectar fragrance and I got one in dew blossom.  The Honey Nectar starts out very floral and light, but as you wear it you get more and more of a warm honey smell.

  So as of the minute I'm typing this, we are at 12% of our goal and 30 shares for the make-up bags.  This is very exciting!  I have done a bunch of research so I'm pretty sure I know what I will be getting for the bags and will be able to get more bang for our buck.
  Here is my updated list for the bags:
  • mascara
  • eyeliner
  • neutral eye-shadows
  • tinted lip balm
  • eye-shadow brush 
  • sensitive skin make-up remover wipes
  • non-scented lotion
  Here is the cowl.  It is so close to being done too.  I just need to figure out if I want to do one more row and bind off or bind off this coming round.
  The secret knit is all done blocking and just needs some buttons before I can fill out the survey for the test knit and send picture to the designer.

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