Thursday, February 26, 2015

Soondubu Princess

That would be the name of the Korean drama I thought-up while eating dinner tonight.
  Premise: Two single people are eating at their favorite tofu stew place and happen to notice each other. They each feel like they are meant to be because they both eat their soup in the exact same unique way. Both are too shy to approach the other. She even eats all of her sides because she is trying to give him more time. When he finally gets the nerve to talk to her he sees that she has already paid and is getting her coat on. He can't finish and pay in time and she leaves. He then knows that he has to find her again.
  Once they do find each other (after lots of searching and feelings of hopelessness) they find out that they have nothing in common really. They then have to find out if their love of tofu stew is enough.

I totally want to watch this!! I have been watching Korean dramas like crazy lately. There are even some on Netflix. Coffee Prince has been the one I have been watching recently. You Are Beautiful is next on the list, then To the Beautiful You. I seem to have a thing for shows with girls pretending to be boys.

  I got the patriotic stocking cap done. I think it is interesting how some of the color change styles pull in or puff out some. I'm not sure why the part in the middle front has such a gap, but no amount of fussing with it seems to be fixing it. I'm still debating if I should put a pom-pom on the end or not.

  A doll dress is slowly becoming done. I had to take out most of the work because I increased too many times on the body. I also have a cool cowl idea based on Nerina Knitted Scarf that I saw on a Knitting Daily re-run.

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