Sunday, March 1, 2015

Baby girl things.

These are for Juliet.  Though the booties were so fast I think I will make quite a few more pairs.

I did alter the pattern some.  Since I am not a big fan of doing a lot of finishing I decided to pick up stitches instead of casting on. I still had to sew a few stitches in the front, but I can handle that.  They are the Chaussons mignons and the website has both French and English instructions.

This pattern I had to wing.  The first time I made it I had put about three too many increases into the body.  I took it out and started mostly over again.  The skirt has two different versions of the butterfly stitch and both are modified.
Most of the time when you work that stitch you leave the floats and then gather them all together in an upward fashion on the last row of the pattern.  I marked my center stitch and laddered down to it so the floats that were caught were more centered.

I'm off to make a few more booties!  I have another idea on how I want to modify the pattern.

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