Wednesday, February 18, 2015


  I'm back!  I disappeared for a bit because I was having to hustle to get my costume done for Katsucon.  Even though I didn't get to go to all the panels that I wanted to, I still had a blast.  I got to hang out with friends I usually only get to see at anime conventions.

I technically finished this hat before I really started working on my costume, but I didn't weave in ends and such until this morning.   Not as floppy as I wanted it.

  I do really like how the stripes came out though.  I feel like it is a cool effect how there is more yellow on each purl stripe as it goes up.

  This is what I worked on while I was there.  I started it before I left as a way to try and keep the stress down from all the stuff I put off for too long.

  The best part about this hat are the colors.  I had just picked out one I liked but then it seemed I was planning on something.  I'm not sure what sports team has these colors, but they are Deadpool colors.  I had pulled this out and one of my friends asked if I could help and reenforce some of the points on her Lady Deadpool dress.  It was a fun take on the character.
  There was a bit more downtime at this con than most so I actually got most of it done there.  I did the last four stripes last night.  The stitch pattern was based off of a slight variation on brioche fisherman's rib(the one I did you just knit back across the row, purl if in the round), only I forgot to purl every other stitch and I did a *k1b, k1* pattern across and then a purl row.  I was going to go back and change it, but I think I like it.

  While at the convention we had a mini blizzard and temperatures dropped.  They started to creep up again, but then this happened today.  It is hard to tell, but it is really coming down.  I'm glad I made my grocery store run earlier in the day when it was still sunny out.
  The patriotic stocking cap is super close to being done.  I have just one more section of white to go.  I would have had it finished already, but I didn't have enough white yarn with me.  Hopefully tonight I can motivate myself to get it done so I can use the needles for something else.

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