Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Today was pretty awesome, and here is a list why:

  1. One of my old co-workers I really like working with is back.  I just keep telling everyone "Richard is back!!" even if they don't know who he is.  I asked him, he is neutral on being back.
  2. It snowed some today!  It didn't stick and was raining half the time, but I still saw snow fall out of the sky.  The act of snowing is my favorite part.
  3. I went through the line after work to get some fabric and I was the next in line.
  4. Even though it was after 5pm I braved the grocery store the night before Turkey Day (Thanksgiving) and found an empty register line to go into.
  5. It stopped snow/raining as I was driving home, so people weren't as crazy on the road.
Okay, so that was only five things...but they seem like pretty big-deal things to me.  One of my good work-friends might also be spending Turkey Day at my parent's house with us.

Here is something some people might find to be odd, but I found it amusing.  I started watching a show on Netflix because I thought the name sounded funny.  One of the main characters has a guy friend who is her best friend.  This guy is also straight, so they refer to him as her gay best friend who is straight.  I realize that I have one of those!

Here is what will someday be a hat.  Oh, you weren't going to guess that it was going to be a hat?  Thought it was some sort of sleeve? Nope, I promise you that it will turn into a hat.  I'm also planning on making another soon after this one with a few fun changes.
Also, expect to see that couch for a bit in the background.  It is starting to get cold in my area and this is the only room upstairs that has a couch and TV.
If I don't post again before Thursday: Happy Turkey Day to everyone who celebrates it! (and happy Thursday to those who don't)

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