Friday, November 22, 2013

Ranty Rant Rant-Rant

There is a pretty picture near the end of the post, so if you don't wish to read the ranting, feel free to scroll on down.

So let me start with the fact that I work retail.  Most of you probably know, but a few might not.  I also work retail in the US.  This means that I get to experience things like Black Friday.
I know a lot of people like Black Friday, where everything is on sale.  I do not.  I don't see the point in it really.  People tend to go crazy and buy a lot of things they don't need.  You can get these and sometimes better deals on the same items between Black Friday and Christmas if you just pay attention to ads.
Another part of Black Friday I don't understand is why stores feel the need to open early.  A lot of the sales will be from 4am-1pm.  I know the lack of sleep might get people to buy more, but is it necessary?  Why couldn't the stores just have the sales at different times?  Or even (like where I work) all day sales.  That way people aren't tired and cranky.  For crying out loud, someone died one year! He was trampled by his fellow shoppers!
That just doesn't seem right to me.
Another thing that gets me is why the store I work at also opens early on Saturday.  It is supposed to be Small Business Saturday.  If you have over 800 stores I don't think you can be counted as a "small business" anymore.  That could just be me though.  I do sometimes have radical ideas.

The best Black Friday and sequential days I've had since being out of school was a few years ago.  I had been laid off from my previous job in Oct.  On Thanksgiving I spent a nice day eating too much food with my family.  The next day (Black Friday for those who aren't in the US and might not know) I slept in and spent the rest of the time with my boyfriend hanging out in our house and eating leftovers my mom send me home with.  It was wonderful.

And now to the pretty thing I promised.
This is the scarf I made based on a pattern I saw briefly in a magazine I told myself I wouldn't buy.  It could probably use a shorter title than that.  I've been calling it the Wibbly Wobbly Cable Scarf.  It is based off of Swaying Cables Scarf(Rav. link).  Someone had left a copy of the magazine in the break room at work.  I was flipping through and saw the pattern.  I thought it looked nice, but I didn't like how it looked like it had reverse stockinet stich (mind you, I didn't read the pattern, just saw the pic) on the sides of the cable.  I like my scarves to be completely reversible, with both sides being nice to look at.
Later I saw a few more patterns in the magazine and I did end-up buying it.

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