Friday, November 8, 2013

Finally some finished items!

 Let me start out by saying that I am sick.  If anything in this post doesn't make sense, I blame the germs.
Here it finally is!  I've blocked it for the second time and I feel a lot happier with it.  It is the OpArt by Melissa D.  I didn't use as different of colors as she suggested, but I really liked the combo.  Though it is so big (since you knit from the inside out) I had a lot of fun making it.  I'm thinking of making another sometime.
As you can probably tell, I did take out what I started on the plane and tried again.  Instead of trying to use the combination of something in my head and a half-remembered pattern, I used Star Blanket.  I had one of those tiny pattern sheets you can get from various parts of the craft store.
It's acrylic, so I tried blocking it, but it keeps wanting to be rippled.  I'm also not sure why the picture looks a bit glowy, you would have to ask my phone that one.

This thing!  I really only had to weave in some ends and it was done!  The colors are better portrayed in the second picture.
I also don't know what to call this.  Simple Neck Scarf? Wait...what was that fancy term for things like these...I don't know, but I think it starts with a "C".
Anyway, I have a fun new hat design in mind that I have already started work on.  It involves both knitting and crochet!  I might have to start another category on my side-bar.

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