Sunday, November 17, 2013

It's funny how that works...

Just the other day I was looking at my totals for this year so far and my totals from last year.  I was wondering why they were so different.  Was I running out of steam for this blog?  Was I not as interested in knitting/crochet?  Did I fall into a coma and not notice?
Then it hit me.  Lately I seemed to have only been knitting at knit-night. No wonder I wasn't getting much done.  I was only putting in about 5-6 hours a week to something that takes a lot more for one item.  No wonder everyone around me was moving at a faster pace!
So I've gone back to my old ways.  I've started knitting/crocheting at random times during the week.  Turns out it is still fun, even if you aren't surrounded by other people who are doing the same thing.
I also realize that I don't have to finish something to update the blog.  I can just talk about my day in general and show a picture of a in-progress project.  I've certainly got enough of them!

I did have a bit of a crisis the other night.  I had mostly finished my dish cloth, I finished the fun hats I had planned in my head, so I got to choose something new to take with me. (I know I still have that double-knit scarf to work on, but it's not calling out to me loud enough.)
This is where I ran into troubles.  I had no idea what I wanted to knit.  Let me rephrase that.  I had too many things I wanted to knit, but none of them were standing out to me more than the others.  I had the yarn picked out to start a fun shawl with some color blocking, I had the yarn selected for a striped shawl with ribbing on the edge, I want to make a pair of owl-cabled fingerless mitts, there is a hat pattern floating around in my head, and I had seen a scarf in a magazine I wanted to make my own version of.  What is a girl to do?  So many things want my attention and while I know I want to knit them all eventually, I know I can't all at the same time.
After rushing around the house for a while it hit me.  I had some beautiful, slightly heathered, greeny-blue yarn that would look amazing as that scarf.  I say that it took me so long to realize this was because the yarn was in the basement, so it took a bit for it's calling to reach me.

Here it is!  I'm already on my second skein.  The colors don't looks right in this picture because of the lighting.
I don't think I will need the whole third one I have, so I already have a plan for that (assuming I can find the brown yarn I'm pretty sure I have an extra skein of).  I'm loving how it is going to be completely revisable.  It always seems silly when scarves have a clear right and wrong side.  I don't feel the need for scarves to look identical on both sides, but they should at least both be interesting and fun to look at!

 This is a baby-hat I just kind of made-up.  I did a 2x2 rib for the brim.  Then on the first row of the body of the hat I did a k2tog and then continued my 2v2 rib.  The decrease lets the spiral happen.

I thought of this hat when I was at the Hurray for Yarn day at Nature's Yarn a bit ago.  One of the lessons was to make these for your hair.  We were bouncing around other ideas for uses for them and I thought as a fake pony-tail or even pig-tails on a hat.  I plan on making a bigger hat with more twists on it.

That is it for now, time to keep knitting on a not-knit-night night.

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