Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another knitted item

I know I said I was tired of knitting and would do a few crochet items.  After I said those things I went and signed-up for two knitting pattern tests.  I finished one tonight and seriously started the other right after.  Once I am done with both of them, I promise there will be more crocheting.  I have the yarn, hook, and pattern all picked out and everything.

Beasty Beanie (no link yet, will update when there is one)

It is not the best picture of the project.  I don't have anyone with the right sized head.  I also think I sewed the second ear (your left, its right) on better than the first.  Oh well.
This was such a quick knit (until it came to putting the ears on) that I have plans on making at least one more.  I'm thinking of a bear once next.

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