Friday, November 20, 2015

That time of the year.

   Soup!!!  If you guessed that I am making lots of soup out of medium sized pumpkins, you are correct!  I wanted to get super fancy with this one and added the cheese to make a creamy soup base.  That cheese melts into a very liquid and not at all stringy form.

  I also promised a picture of the shrug.  This is my finished piece for the Scuttle Shrug(Ravelry link).  I made the x-small and put a cat into the picture for comparison.
  If you think that yarn looks familiar, it is because it is the same yarn that my mom is using to make her 10 Stitch Blanket.

  I also got an invite to the Hiya-Hiya knit-a-long group.  I saw these socks and knew that they would be fun to knit.  For the knit-a-long you get clues.  Clue 1 was the main leg part of the socks.  Clue 2 is the heel and gusset.  I have gotten the other clues, but from pictures I am guessing that Clue 3 is the foot and Clue 4 are the toes.
  Since I would have to finish each clue before I got the next I thought it would be a fun time to try making them two at a time.  It both seems slower and faster.  You feel like you are working on each row for a lot longer than twice the time/stitches, but it also seems to grow faster.

  Here is where I am on them right now.  I have turned the heel and now I'm working on the gusset.  You can see where I have the markers to note where the beginning of the round is.  I probably don't totally need them and I know I will be taking them off once I get it down.
  I plan on transferring all the sole stitches to one needle once I am done decreasing even though the beginning of the round will be in the middle.  I find I only need to pay attention to that while decreasing at the heel and at the toe sections.
  I will try and take pictures when I transfer the stitches since it isn't as straight forward as it would be if you were only doing one at a time.

  I also have not forgotten the Baby Surprise knit-a-long.  The deadline for the socks is the end of the month, but I hope to have them done before then.  So anyone thinking of joining along should plan for starting on the first of next month.
  I don't know if I will finish my own 10 Stitch Blanket before the knit-a-long, but I'm okay with winging it.

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