Friday, June 12, 2015

The Mary bind-off.

Most people bind off as they are working that row.  They knit 2 stitches, pull the first over the second, knit one more and keep on in that manner.  Mary just keeps going until she doesn't have enough to work another row.  Luckliy she does a lot of arm knitting or ruffle scarves, so we are only working with 8-10 stitches per row.  Since I know it would really confuse her, I just have her slip all but two stitches back and then work a bind-off almost as you normally would.  She just slips where most people would knit.  I got to teach this bind off to someone at Wed knit-night.

 Don't mind my laundry in the background.  I finally am totally done with the Fragole(strawberry) Shrug.  It definitely doesn't fit me.  I can't lower my arms all the way.  I think a medium would fit me, but I know someone will like this.

 I love this hat so much.  I actually knit the whole head part of the hat twice.  The first time I didn't pick-up enough stitches and it was very tight on the head.  This didn't let the cat part of this hat really show up, it was more awkward looking.  I had meant to take a 'before' picture, but I got too excited to be able to just rip it out without too much worry that I forgot.  I even did the Kitchener stitch at the top in pattern, though it required a lot more concentration than I would usually admit.

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