Friday, January 24, 2014

Poor kitty! Have some knitting.

Mr. Jag got to go to the vet on Wed morning and have his teeth clean.  While they were in there they discovered that two had holes and a third was so bad the roots were almost showing.  He got those taken out.  They said he woke-up just fine and all that good stuff.  He now gets anti-inflammatory pills and liquid pain medication.  I can't tell if the pain medication tastes bad, makes his tongue numb, or both.

Here is the brave Old-man Kitty!  You can partially see on his left front leg where they had to shave some fur off to give him fluids.  He is going to be 15 come March and has a heart murmur, so they were a bit worried about putting him under.  But like the champ he is everything was fine (not counting his poor teeth)
I tried to get a picture of him wearing it, but he was being a grumpy model.  I told him models that are this hard to work with never get work.  He didn't seem to care.  Right now I'm trying to decide if I want to make it a long scarf or a shorter one.  It has enough length that you can overlap it in the front, which would be fine if it were to be worn with a coat.  I don't know what the person who will get this is looking for though.  I think I'm going to sit on the choice for a little bit before I commit too much to either way.

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