Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I'm famous!

Okay, not technically, but my name and link to this blog is going to be in something in print!
I donated to the Kickstarter for the webcomic Worsted for Wear to get a book printed.  Everyone who donated over a certain amount got a little 'thank you' by having your name put at the end of the book.
Well, I got my digital copy a while ago but forgot to check to see if the 'thank you's were in there.  Turns out, they are!

Tada!  That's me!  Well, that's my old last initial.  I wasn't sure if I should have given them my old one or new one...oh well.  It's still me there!
Now don't get me wrong, while it is super awesome that I'm in there, there are also lots of other awesome people in there.  I think everyone should head over and get their own copy of Yarnvalanche: Worsted for Wear -volume 1 so you too can check out all the other people who either also love knitting/crochet/spinning/yarn stuff or who loves someone who does.
Hat is also coming along nicely.  Still no one believes that it will be a hat when it grows up.

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