Saturday, October 12, 2013

What a day!!

The Yarn Cloud was having a giveaway of yarn for charity crafters to use. There were a lot of people there, but a LOT more yarn.  I found a few things that caught my eye.
I think Bill is going to kill me. He already thinks I have too much yarn. Looks like I will just have to knit/crochet faster.  Maybe I will learn how to weave, I've heard that it is fun and eats up yarn.

This was also just the start of my day!  After all this fun my mom and I stopped at the library and got a few books.  It seems I have already read one of the ones that I thought was new, but oh well.

We then headed over to Nature's Yarn for their Hurray for Yarn! day. So much fun.  There was food and fun.  I got a ton of veggies and fruit in the beginning and some fancy pastries in the end.
In the middle I watched and participated in some demos.  I saw the very end of the bobbin-lace class.  Some of the stuff that was made was very pretty.  There was then the Tunisian crochet lesson.  I learned what I was doing wrong when I was picking up my bars.
After that was really exciting.  We learned how to work with silk hankies and caps.  I thought that was so much fun.  It is also the more affordable way to get amazing silk yarn, but a bit more work.  You get to loosen the fibers and then stretch them out to make a loop of yarn.  Then you break the loop and get started.

This is my little sample.  I wound the ends around the right side because I didn't want to waste any of it and those floaty ends are so soft and nice.

I also got a restart on my star blanket a bit ago and worked to the end of my first ball while at Nature's Yarn.  I will post pictures once I've finished absorbing all the fun that happened today.

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