Monday, October 28, 2013

Something small to pass the time.

I wasn't thinking about knitting when I got ready the night before to go to my parent's house before my court trial.  It was nothing big.  I feel like in the end...none of us really won.  Oh well, my lawyer told me that I did a good job, that lots of people kind of wilt when the other judge starts to question them, but that I stayed strong.  I guess I can add that as one of my skills: Can take on lawyers.
Well, later that day was Mon knit-night.  I didn't bring anything with me!  After a tasty omelet at Bob Evan's my mom and I went digging through some patterns.  We found a cute dish cloth that she got in an e-mail for free.
This is it!  It is the Ripple Stitch Dishcloth and is a free pattern.  I had to take off one of the 11 stitch repeats to get it to be closer to the size that it says it should be.  I love how the colors are sectioning themselves off like they are!  It is cute!  I think I am going to add another set of garter-stitch ridges and call it done!

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