Sunday, March 12, 2017

Road Trips are usually better for knitting.

  My mom is a huge fan of the Free section of Craig's List.  She has found a ton of good deals.  One listing was for a bunch of yarn.  The owner just wasn't finding herself using it as much as she had pictured.

  Both those bags are filled with yarn that she brought to us.  The handy thing about her living where she was is that she was really close to where we meet on Mon nights for knit-group.  She got to see it and we mentioned that it was an every week thing.  Hopefully she gets the crafting bug and stops by.

  Right next to where we meet on Mon nights had been a Handcock Fabrics.  We were all sad to see that they had closed since it was easy to pop over for some buttons or a yarn needle when in need.
  It was really exciting when we heard a few months later that there was going to be another fabric shop moving in.  They missed their projected open date by a few months, but they finally got all settled in.  In fact, The Fabric Place Basement actually opened before we knew it.  Turns out they are only open until 7pm and we usually got there after that.  So it looked like it had not opened yet, when really, we missed their business hours.
  We made a special effort to stop by when they were open one day.  That lovely picture above is their massive button bin.  I want to jump in and swim around.  I also really want to go through and organize them into dozens of tiny bins.

   Last weekend a friend and I had heard that the Richmond Home and Garden show was going to have a tiny house in it.  We are both obsessed with them.  She wants to own one, and I just think the whole concept is super amazing.
  Richmond, in general, is about a two hour drive south of me.  I figured it would give me lots of time to work on a project that I can't show you.  I am testing for a mystery knit-a-long.  It is so darn cute, I really want to show it off, but I've promised to keep it a secret.  We wouldn't want any future knitters to get spoiled on the end surprise!  The funny part is that on the way there and on the way back I didn't knit a single stitch!  I didn't even have anything cast on for it!   There are two things I can show you though.  The first is a link to these really cool crocheted octopi for premature babies.  Reading through the articles makes them make a lot of sense to have.  You can't really explain to a premature baby that their various tubes aren't their umbilical cord and it isn't safe to move around.  I think I will have to make a few.   The other thing I can show you is the video I made from the first half of our Richmond adventure.  The next half will be up next week!  Make sure to watch on YouTube so you can make it nice and big.

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