Saturday, February 11, 2017

Treats and Monsters

  Yummy snacks and fun monsters? Sounds like a fun Saturday to me!  Isn't the bear just the cutest?

   So you might be wondering if this is a bag of finished things I needed to have remembered to take with me to donate.  You might then wonder that if that were true, why was there no mention of them on the blog?  Well, they are very old things that never got finished for one reason or another.  The one on top I started in college, then realized I didn't really like how the yarn felt or how it looked on me.  Since I didn't know about charity knitting at that point, I was stuck.  Now I can finish it and donate it, I'm sure someone will love it.
  The grey thing under it, that you can't see, was started back when I worked at InkStop. I was trying to half follow a pattern I saw on TV and half make one up. I wasn't sure how to finish the top then, but I think I do now.  It was the one I went looking for that started this.
  The dark blue thing in the larger bag was the beginning of a draped neck sweater.  The only problem is that I'm pretty sure I don't have enough yarn.  Since I am pretty far along, I think I will make it into a vest.
  This will be nice since it means that I will be getting more things out of the house.  I need to remember that even though I start a project and use yarn, it still doesn't count as using it until I am done and it is headed off to its new home.

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