Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Where, what, huh?

  So I know December had just as many days as it has had in previous years, but I feel like it didn't.  New Year's Eve snuck up on me.  Bill told me that we were invited over to a friend's house to hang out.  I thought that sounded fun and powdered through some work so I wouldn't fall behind by taking the evening off.  It wasn't until I was filling out the payment paperwork and putting the date on the top that I realized that we had been invited over to celebrate the new year rolling in.  Bill hadn't realized it either, so that made me feel better.  It was probably a shock to anyone who has been around for a while (or read the old posts) that I didn't have my usual end of the year dash to get more items finished.  That's because I didn't see it coming.
  Last year was kind of pitiful on how few finished items I finished and donated.  I know, a few items is better than no items, but I like to get more than three done in a whole year.  Good news is that I have a bunch of mostly finished items laying around that will be quick to finish, so this year is already looking up.  I even have some pink hats from other people to show off!
  I also got picked to possibly serve jury duty and went in to be screened yesterday.  I think it is funny that the first time I get called in it was for a week long trial for first degree murder.  I'm glad, for a few reasons, to not get chosen for that jury.  It was just a little too intense for me.  Now I'm guaranteed to not get summoned again for three years.  Considering I have been eligible for over a decade and have never been called is funny.  Bill is a year older than me and has also never been called.  I am really curious how the trail ends though.

  It is really cold in here and I need to go make some lunch before I run off to work!  I'm glad the end is in sight from all the madness!

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