Monday, January 23, 2017

We are the Pussyhats, marching, marching!

  I meant to have this posted before we left for the cabin, but my computer was being strange and I was too worried with getting everything ready for the weekend.  There was a New Member Orientation at work and also a lot going on in DC.  The stuff in DC is why we went out of town.  True, we are far enough away that nothing would have bothered us, but it had also been a hectic few months and a it made for a good excuse to run off.

   This is both the first pink hat I made for the Woman's March on Washington DC and also the first to find a new home.  I heard that our temporary house-mate was going to march and asked if she wanted a hat.  She was drawn to this one the second she saw it.

   I had an idea in my head when I made it to make the head part of the hat look like a standard hat and to have the ears look differently.  It also helps them stand out from the rest of the hat.  It is really cute and I might make a similar hat for myself in another color.

   I'm not totally sure if I really like how this hat came out or not, but when I posted about it on FB before I bound off everyone liked it.  I have three versions of ribbing and I think the middle one was the problem one.  Since I didn't have to worry about how I felt about it, I left it as is.

  This hat I made based on a Disney Movie.  I was scrolling through the list of Recommended for You listings on Netflix and a movie popped up.  Bad Hair Day sounded exciting and I gave it a watch.  I really liked the cat ear hat that one of the leads wears through most of the movie.  There are a few things I might do slightly different if I made it again, but over all I am very happy with it.

  Andrea is very good at following directions and made her PussyHat using the pattern they listed on the webpage.  It was super soft and snuggly.  It was also nice to have a hat in the group that wasn't neon.

  My mom made this one.  She added some cute little hearts on the front (or back if you want) to add a bit of interest to it.

  The webpage mentioned that if you were mailing that you should try and get it in by the 14th.  Well, since I was running behind on everything (anyone surprised?) I drove it over on the 19th.  The nice lady thanked me and told me not to worry that they were there after the 14th.  That was just in case bad weather struck and delayed shipping.

  Since being back from the cabin and not having anything to do for work at that moment, I have started finishing those items that should have been done before the new year started.  Lots of pictures will be on their way!!

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