Sunday, September 29, 2013


One of my friends from Mon knit night is having a birthday party today!  Yay!  I got her a little giraffe to go with her 6ft tall one.  She loved it and I know she was not expecting anything like that.

This is the scarf I'm almost done with for my grandfather in-law.  It is being made with the Lion Brand Wool and Bamboo.  It is so soft and smushy in the Handsome Scarf(Ravelry link) pattern.  You can see the mini cupcake/muffins she made and I have some nice hot chocolate in my cup there.

I'm also getting to go to CA later this coming week.  This is where Bill's grandfather is living.  I'm excited.  I've never been out that way before.  If anyone knows of anything fun to do, let me know.  I will be flying in to San Diego, that will give you a bit more of an idea where I am going in that state.

Now I have to go off and finish the scarf and then plan some plane knitting!

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