Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hello, I remember you!

  I was trying to catch up reading The Yarn Harlot's blog when I thought to myself "Maybe I should update my own blog!"
  There have been many things working against me getting anything done to show off here.  Working two jobs is high on that list because both become busy at the same time.  The craft store becomes crazy because first you have Halloween, then Thanksgiving, followed by many winter holidays.  My other job gets busy because we have to put together all the packets for the members and also process renewals.  I thought it would be wise to pull back on one of them.
  Another problem I have is that I have two scarves on the needles now.  They take a while to get anywhere with since one has a lot of short rows, and the other is double-knit color work.  For some reason I have been itching to work on a shawl.  I know it would be another large project, but I feel like being able to work on a nice and long row that I can get lost in would be nice.

Since I am just getting past all the fall colors I was going to take a picture of it with some orange and red leaves.  Mother Nature decided to try and start raining whenever I tried to do this, so here it is on a chair.
  As I have been working on it, people have been asking me how long I plan to make it.  I'm not sure.  I do know that it is too short right now since you can't really wrap it around and have much hanging.  I don't know if I will try and use up all of the border color or not.  I figure I will just keep making little triangles and see when it feels right to stop.

For now, however, I am off to go string some beads on some crochet cotton.  I have been invited to a wedding in about a week and I have some presents to make!

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