Saturday, July 2, 2016

Getting back into things.

  It still feels really weird to not have Mr. Jag around but we might have a new kitty running around the house before too long.  A friend is moving and his mother is super allergic to cats, so he can't take the cat with him.

  Someone on Monday knit-night had a bunch of these with various markings on them.  Some said when to increase or decrease.  I picked these two because I thought they made a nice set.

  It is very confusing times when a yarn shop closes.  You are always happy to see the discounts that you would never have gotten other wise, but you are sad because once they lock the doors for good, you won't be able to shop or see some of the people anymore.

  I did not let any sad feelings from buying some fancy stuff though.  I know, I totally need more yarn, right?  The top ones were just so soft and silky that I couldn't say no to them.  Some of the smaller balls were also under $5.

  I have also tried to keep myself busy.  It is a lot farther now than in the picture, but I am working on another Directional Colors Scarf.  I wasn't sure what else would look really cool with that yarn.  It is a few different yarns sewn together and all wound into one skein.
  The picture they use for a project shows a pillow.  While that was cute and all, I wanted something cooler.  I might get another one if I find something else I want to make out of it.

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