Sunday, May 5, 2013


I started some projects a while ago that did not want to be what I wanted them to be.  Anyone who says that knitting/crochet is an inanimate object and don't have opinions and wants has obviously never knit or crocheted.  While getting batter at the craft will help you hold more sway over what it will be, if that yarn doesn't want to be used in that project, it will let you know.
These yarns definitely did that.  While I liked the projects that other people did with these patterns, I did not like what was coming off my needles/hook.  I would even avoid working on them.  This is never a good sign, so I tried again.

I found this stitch pattern while teaching a class.  The "Stitch of the Month" only took about 20 mins to learn, and it was a three hour class.  She wanted to learn how to do a wavy pattern.  This is what I found.  I thought the little sample I made was adorable and would make an awesome scarf.
This was not going to be that scarf.  It was heavy and stiff, it also would have taken more yarn than I had to make it into anything beyond a short table-runner.

Now it is this.  A nice and smooshy Brioche Stitch scarf!  It is very easy to do and although it looks difficult  once you get the motions down it almost becomes mindless knitting.

Some people liked how this crocheted modular scarf was being all wavy and fun.  I didn't mind that very much.  What I did mind was that each triangle kept getting bigger and bigger.  I made sure to follow the directions and everything!  I'm not sure what I did, though someone smarter than me could probably point it out without having to think much.

Instead of worrying about that, I turned it into these Jaywalker Socks(PDF link)....

...and these HiyaHiya Blossom Lace Socks(Ravelry link).  I am going to donate both pairs because there are things I would do differently on both pairs if they were going to be for me.

I'm hoping that none of you think I hate crochet.  I mean, it is true, two crochet items have now turned into knitted items.  I do like crochet, I really do.  My mom is thinking of trying a Baby Surprise Jacket and I think I'm going to do a create-along with her and make the crochet version.  I have the yarn picked out any everything.
Though while I wait for her to get done with some other projects, I had to figure out what I want to work on next.  I was thinking of making a baby blanket, but I don't know if I want a big project again so soon.
'So soon?' you ask?  Well, I consider some socks to be large projects.  They may look small, but everything about them is small.  Small needles, small yarn.  That means that there are a lot of stitches to deal with.  The last pair of socks I did had the same number of stitches around the foot as a sweater I made.
I think I'm going to go sit with my yarn and wait for one to jump out at me and tell me what it wants to be when it grows-up.

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