Monday, May 28, 2012

I feel very special right now...

The kind of special that makes you wonder how you manage to put your cloths on the right way all by yourself in the morning.
I am working very quickly on the second sample knit so I can try and get it done before the dead-line.  I get to the last little bits of the first skein of yarn and go downstairs to find the next one.  I check the first area I think it might be in, nope, not there.  But that is okay, I might have been a crazy person and put it somewhere that makes sense (aka, not my kitchen floor)
I go and look in the bin of yarn that holds my started charity projects.  It is also a space for extra yarn for said projects as well.  I find the bag with the right label and give myself a little mental pat on the back for being so organized.
Then I quickly take it back.
The green yarn in the bag (which I have 4 skeins of) is darker than the green I was using.  It's not even a dye-lot issue, it is a completely different colors issue.  This means I found the green I only bought one skein of (and not even on the same trip) and started with that.  I did some minor flailing to try and make everything better.
When that didn't work, I figured I could tink back to the beginning of the row, and just change colors.  Bill said that he thought it was a good idea and that I should go for it.

I'm hoping it is going to look okay...

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