Sunday, December 4, 2016

I have a good reason!

  I was able to find the flyer for that music festival that was going on!  Here it is!  Does this mean that I can now say that I went to it, since I was right there and I could hear the music.

  There are a lot of names on there that I don't know, but there were a lot of people going in and out, so a bunch of them must be good.

  No, this is not another picture of the scarf I was working on while on the plane.  This is another one.  Also, no, the green one is not done.  The width of the green scarf was too short and I ran out of yarn during a Wed night and I had this blue in my bag.  I didn't like this blue with the green, so I started another scarf.

  This is a strange thing, I know.  I wanted to use the brown for the ends of the green scarf, but I also wanted to use it to make the strange thing you see in the picture.  Since I only need some for the ends, I knew I should work on that knitted ribbed part before I used the brown on the green scarf.
  So while that was a long story, now you can see why I didn't finish the green scarf before I moved on to two other projects.  Don't worry, what that thing is will be revealed.

  In other news, I am trying to get Tank to learn to wear a harness.  The reason I am torturing the cat in such a way is because he really wants to get outside and when he is out there he doesn't totally recognize us.  He got out once and when I found him and bent over to pick him up, he hissed at me.  Now when I actually picked him up he was fine with it.
  He was acting drunk for the first two days and now he is just sticking with the disabled angle.  When he thinks no one is watching, he walks just fine.  When someone is watching he slinks around and lays down every few steps.
  This morning he walked over to Bill, tried to crawl onto his leg, then fell over.  He didn't have his harness on at the time.  Since he isn't a small kitten, I know it will take time.

Another other is it December already?  I'm not ready for this! I am not ready at all.  I hope everyone else out there is.

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