Friday, June 3, 2016

Rolling Thunder re-cap.

  I have my memory card back with all of my pictures and I feel like I can give a better recap now that I have had some time to calm down.

  This little guy was on my shoe.  I thought it was some dirt, but then he stuck to my nail when I tried to brush him off.  Then I realized that it wasn't dirt, but was a snail.  When we were done with our photo-shoot I put him closer to the trees and bushed so hopefully he wouldn't get smooshed or fried in the sun.

  First time seen on the blog!  This is the newest project I have been working on.  I wasn't able to decide if I wanted to do a color-work cowl or a brioche cowl.  So I found some pretty variegated yarn and did both.  I also brought some healthy snacks.

  Remember Meg with the painted nails from last year?  This is her bike that she is riding this year.  It didn't take her long last year before she got her motorcycle license (even though her mom said no way at first).

  Santa was also there!!  He rolled in and then asked me if I knew who he was and then went "Ho Ho Ho!"  It was awesome! His license plate also let everyone know that he is Santa.

  Meg was trying out the bike from one of our new friends.  He was super impressed by her and had to rub it in to his friend that a 17 year old girl was riding her own bike in Rolling Thunder and he wasn't.


  I was glad I didn't actually see it happen in real time.  Meg was right next to them and she was a lot braver after than I would have been.  When I saw the wife she was moving around some, but Bill said she was unresponsive by the time he ran over to her.
  I will be writing a good commendation for the officer on the scene who was taking the evidence and testaments.  She was very good at making it feel like she understood how we felt and that we shouldn't feel pressured.
  As of the last I heard on May 30: both of them are doing okay.  It seems that no news is good news.
  Here is a link to another YouTube video that got a better shot of the helicopter come in and take her out.

Now some happy stuff!!

Picture from the internet
  Do you remember the "Saluting Marine" from my video last year?  His station looks a bit different than usual this time.

Picture from the internet.
  He got married!!  They got married on the 29th and she stood next to him the whole time.  The Daily Wire did an article about the two of them.
  I wish I had video of them, but I am interested to see if she stands next to him again next year.

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