Thursday, April 23, 2015

I have definitly heard of time management.

I have no time management skills or scheduling skills at all.  I really don't.  I will work on blog posts while the sun is out and then wonder why my pictures of other things are super dark later. 
 I did finish the play mat though!  I finished it last Sunday night.  I made-up the pattern, but it is quite easy.  If you know how to crochet a granny square, you will be able to make this.  My segments are two single crochets with a single chain between, and two segments with two chains between at the corners.
 This shows the color a lot better.  There is also a US nickel for scale, I couldn't find a penny.  Everyone was super impressed by the thing.  It did take seven skeins of yarn to make this.

I also finished the knitted portion of another Skywalker done, but it has been added to the to-be-blocked pile, so no nice pictures.  I made another because the first one, that was made to gauge, felt too small.  I like this new one a lot better.

Today I got to finally teach the crochet jar cozy class.  They are growing on me.  When I made the first sample (shown above) I didn't even like the idea enough to fully read the pattern.  It wasn't supposed to look like this.

 This is the pattern and how it was supposed to look.  This is the one I made during the class.  Though the funny thing is that my student liked the accidental "variation" I did before.  Though since they were so easy and since my student was so excited to make them, I am starting to like them more.

This is the small version.  The pattern came with two sizes with two stitch patterns.  The small one fit the super cute Dairy jars the look like vintage milk bottles.

This is my dedicated student.  She brought a variegated purple yarn to work with.  A lady after my own heart.

This is her large cover.  She started making it the way the pattern said and then wanted to make it the way I had done it on the first sample I had made.  Now I have visions of making this to go over jars and then put LED candles in them for my dining room table. 

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