Sunday, February 23, 2014

Both Behind and Stuck

I feel like I am behind on everything.  I wanted to get my Etsy shop up, get a good lead on the dishes, watch old stuff on the DVR, and keep this blog up to date.  Well, I have done none of these.  I have an idea what to charge for shipping for Etsy, but no pictures or bubble mailers.  It looks like for every dish I get clean, 2 or 3 more take its place.  The DVR keeps recording and I keep not watching.  As for this blog, I have a whole project that I started and finished without even mentioning wanting to do it.

(Why yes, I did get funny looks from the neighbors taking pictures in the front yard!  It is also difficult to photograph doubled.)

There is it.  It is a Honeycomb Cowl(Ravelry Link).  It took me a bit to get it.  I missed where it said to "slip all stitches with the yarn in back" and I was wondering why it looked so odd.  I might make another cowl with the yarn in front, it was interesting, but not what the picture on the pattern was showing me.
I was hooked. I have already started another one and have a third in mind.  I already have the yarn and everything for the third one.  I want the colors to be a surprise (it will also make it easier in case my idea turns out to be a horrible thing).

I feel like though I am still behind, that I'm starting to claw my way back up.  I know it will take a bit of time, but I am feeling a bit better about everything.

Here is a picture of my project manager coming in from out photo shoot. 

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