Friday, November 26, 2021

Friendsgiving aka Tanksgiving

  It took a bit of moving things around, but we got The Chosen One to fit into the refrigerator.  I sent this to everyone who was coming to the big event to get everyone excited.

  Bill smoked the turkey this year.  This photo is curtesy of Shane because I was still getting Ryan when it came out of the oven.  It does most of the cooking in the smoker and is finished in the oven.

  Bill smoked the turkey (as seen above), and also made cranberry sauce, gravy, and yeast rolls.  J-Dub made the mashed potatoes.  Shane brought some King's Hawaiian Rolls and made two kinds of stuffing.  I joked that I brought Ryan.  We all ate way too much and had to sit around before we had the apple pie and/or pumpkin pie that Shane also brought.
  Once we were a bit more out of our food comas, J-Dub went home and the rest of us played Just Dance until we were too tired.  We even got Bill to play a few songs.  After that we watched random YouTube videos until it was time for people to either go home or find a place at our house to crash for the night.
  It was a lot of fun and I was worried about finding space for everyone, but we would have been fine.  A few people ended up not being able to make it, but I think we would have been able to fit them in.
  Tank was a bit weirded out by so many people being over, but he was being okay for it.  There was some pacing, but he didn't try and jump on the table or anything.  He got grumpy when we were playing Just Dance, but he does that when I play it alone.  I don't know why he is so against dancing.

  I then got to spend my Black Friday the way I like to, eating cold turkey dipped in ketchup and not dealing with people in stores.

Monday, November 22, 2021

Laptops, am I right?

   I don't remember if I posted about the time I ran over my laptop bag with my work laptop in it.  But I got the screen fixed and everything was fine.  After a few months I go to sit down to get some work done and it won't power on.  I thought I had forgotten to plug it in, so I checked that.  The brick's light came on, but nothing on the computer.  I ordered another one in case that was the problem and it didn't work.  Luckily I'm pretty good at backing up everything.

  I didn't mention that when I got my order of business cards for work, I also got some Toyota car parts.  The bottom of the box looked like it had opened and was taped back up.  VistaPrint had no idea about it, so I contacted FedEx.  I got a few numbers to call and eventually got to talk to someone who could help me out.  She said to put them back in a box and that they would pick it up, do some research, and see if they can figure out who the car parts were supposed to go to.  I got a call the day after they picked them up by a very confused guy.  Seems they didn't let anyone know what was happening.  He was confused and thought he was supposed to send them back to VistaPrint.  I told him that I was told that his end would do some research and see who might have filled a claim for a missing shipment of a Toyota Front Left & Right Outer Tie Rod Ends, since VistaPrint didn't add them.  He agreed that that would make sense and thanked me for helping to clear his confusion.

  We were able to meet inside at the Church, so Carola decided to come.  She's been a busy little bee while we were apart.  They are all so cute and it's really fun to look at all the little details.  They make me want to make more huggable things.

Monday, October 25, 2021

Look, Cookies!!

 Was hoping to tell you about the fun I had at the Renaissance Faire, but we kept missing out on tickets.  I was also hoping to show off some finished projects, but other things keep getting in the way of me working on them.  So instead, here are some cookies to distract you.
  We actually ran into someone from the Wednesday group and she said she could never get into the online meeting.  My mom and I told her that we are there most Wednesdays and she said that she might join us next week.
  The guy who takes our orders and the manager at Santini's both keep asking when the group is coming back.  Which is interesting since I heard the other tale.  I don't know who is right, probably a bit of both.
  Work is starting to pick up, but I'm going to make it my mission to work on something a little bit every day.  That way I can get some things done.

Monday, September 27, 2021

It Looks Like Ice Cream

Pattern: Waves of Hope Hat by LJM Designs - Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver in Cherry Chip
  I decided to make another one, using the right weight of yarn.  I like how the yarn pooled and made it look like there were long runs of the same color.  I now want to make one with beads on the yarn over gaps.

Pattern: Wheat by Tin Can Knits, Yarn: Red Heart Stripes in Icy Pond
  I didn't know how it would turn out with the variegated yarn, but I wanted to try this pattern with this yarn.  This was the yarn I lost before the trip to Glacier.  I was nervous about how the pooling would look, but I had a feeling, and it looks really cool.  It's also very interesting how a slight change in gauge makes the one part have a completely different pattern.  I'm not overly worried about skein changes, I won't be measuring some out to make sure I'm at the exact same point in a color shift, I'm okay with just letting it happen the way it does.  Maybe we will get some new fun color pooling patterns.
  I'm also using a Fisherman's Rib instead of the 1x1 ribbing the pattern calls for.  The garter stitch squishes down on itself, I thought the ribbing would pucker because those rows wouldn't do that.  I know that makes this a bit less of a beginner pattern, but I like how it's turning out and I apparently want more brioche in my life.

  Last Friday/Saturday was the first time I got to yell things at a screen while The Rocky Horror Picture Show played and people I know run around a theater in a long time.  Ryan found a place in Manassas that we could use.  Bill offered the use of his truck to help take the props from the University Mall theater to The Salisbury Center.  This place is really interesting.  They have boxing matches, there is a bar, and they have other shows.  I suggested we eat at The Philadelphia Tavern before the show, since I've been wanting to go there for a bit now.  Everyone who went seemed to really like it.
  The comedy show went long, so then the country music band went long, so we didn't get to start moving things until after we had been promised.  There also weren't stairs to get on and off the stage from the front, but the owner let us use some speakers as stairs.  It wasn't the best, but it worked.  Bill got adopted by the props people and helped on that during the whole show.
  The show was really good.  There were some imperfections, but when no one has really done this in a year and a half, that's to be expected.  They also didn't get to practice the show on the stage beforehand.  When they started to work on blocking, the people who worked at the location started to let the audience in.  The sound on the movie cut out twice, but some people were yelling the movie while others continued to yell callbacks.
  In a very Rocky tradition, we went to IHOP after the show.  Our waiter had recently been in a car accident and had a concussion.  They were also understaffed for as many people as they had, so the waitress who was helping the other table ended up bringing us our drinks, and it was her first day.  It was all just kind of crazy and we had been sat in a very cold corner.  Not the best, but it was nice to keep hanging out with some of the people after.
  I am definitely looking forward to the Transylvanian Concubines getting to be back at University Mall, but it might also be fun to go back to The Salisbury Center again, especially since they now know what to expect and we know what to expect.

Friday, September 10, 2021


  Tank for scale.  I stopped working on it for a while because I now have two projects that are 3 double crochet clusters.  It is currently 75" on long side with short side being 11.5", I figured this would make it easier to figure out when I'm done, I just have to measure the short side.  I'm not sure how wide to make it, possibly another ten inches.

  I've been watching a lot of the mukbang style videos made by tzuyang쯔양.  She eats a lot, but she seems to really enjoy all of it.  She also likes going to small restaurants and some even say that she brings in more business after she puts out the video about them if she goes back.  She donates some of the money she gets from YouTube ads to charities and some of the places insist on not charging her, but she insists on paying because of how much she ate.  One lady kept refusing to accept any money, so Tzuyang went to the market and got her high quality meat to use in her restaurant.
  A few warnings though.  If you don't like seeing people eat, you definitely won't like her videos.  There usually aren't a lot of eating sounds, like some other channels have, but there is some.  She also makes everything look good and there is a good chance you will become very hungry from watching her eat.  It is a lot of fun to see people doubt her when she is ordering and then get really impressed by her.  Some people also recognize her and don't bat an eye if she orders 4-8 servings of food at a time.

  Crumbl changes their flavors every week.  Well, the Milk Chocolate Chip is always there, but the other five change.  This week it's Banana Bread, Waffle, Old Fashioned Doughnut, Cereal Milk Sandwich ft. Pebbles®️ Cereal, Milk Chocolate Chip, and Classic Sugar Cookie.  The cereal was somehow still crispy when I got mine.  I also love how they give you some syrup with the waffle.  I was excited to try the classic doughnut, but they were out when I went.
  I wasn't even going to go this week, but I think I earned them.  Mowing the lawn had been on Bill's to-do list for a while, but things kept happening to distract him from doing it.  I told him I could try it, but I've never done it before.  I don't know if he believed me on if I would actually try it or not.
  Some of the grass shoots were to my waist, so I grabbed some ear protection and gave it a shot.  I wish the handle could me moved lower because it gets to be in awkward angles when trying to push it up bumpy hills.  I ran over a turtle too.  Luckily, he was in a dip and we have the blades up fairly high.  In the end we were both scared and uninjured.

Friday, August 27, 2021

Happy Birthday!

  This happy little boy just turned 9!  I had a bunch of plans for him for his birthday, but they didn't all happen.  We slept in and snuggled for a while.  I then mixed some of his gel treat into his breakfast and we were going to go outside once he was done.  Our timing was off because the Evil Beep-Beep Trucks (garbage or recycling truck) were coming through, later than usual.  While waiting for them to leave I got a payment for my eBay sale, so I was packing that really quickly.  I was gluing the label on when we both jumped from a huge rumble of thunder.
  While it was pouring outside, we watched some YouTube on the big TV and had some lap time.  We then played with the laser pointer.  I've had to click on the flashlight part a few times because he's starting to stare at the pointer.
  While there are times where he rips papers I'm using or scratching up the whole house, he's a very good boy.  He gets really excited when someone gets home, he has to do circles on the bed at night because he wants to snuggle both of us.  He wants to get pets from strangers and loves to rub against Miss Jackie's house.  He wants to smell everything you are eating or drinking, and will try and steal your grated hard cheese.  For some reason he loves to smell people's heads and faces.  It's also a requirement for him to dramatically grab at doorways if he is being carried through them.  Everyone loves his "puppy-dog tail" and his little meow.  Chest scratches will sometimes lead to a lot of drool.  It's a good time for everyone when he tries to catch his tail when on his scratching post.  He will practically knock the phone out of your hand because he knows you could be petting him with it instead.
  I know he loves being spoiled and the only fur-baby, but some day we are going to get him the live-in four legged buddy he wants.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Another Wedding

   It was time to go to another wedding.  This was supposed to have happened last year, but Covid put a damper on those plans.  Even though the plan had been to have it in the field behind their house the whole time, they knew people would want to be able to gather and talk.  There are also a lot of high-risk people in their friend groups.

  Everything was simple, but perfect.  They didn't want presents, so they asked everyone to bring something to eat.  There was a nice mix of foods from different parts of the world.  There was some smoked pork, lumpia, bacon crackers, fried chicken, and I made crack.

  The cake they picked out was a fluffy chocolate one with strawberries.  I'm picky about my chocolate cake and this one was nice.  They are such a cute couple and I'm so glad I've met them.

  I met Neil and Shane because of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Bill and I went enough that we got invited to the bonfires at Neil's place.  I know Toni and Neil will live a very happy life together.